Year in Sahara Letters from Niger by Tommi and Kaisu-Leena
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Virtual Niger 1.0.1

With Virtual Niger you can visit Niger without eating Lariam, without sweating dry and without paying the overpriced air tickets. Virtual Niger gives you the second best picture of the world which surrounds Tommi and Kaisu-Leena - only reading their Finnish letters gives you a better view. Or, of course, if you come yourself to Niger...

Virtual Niger has been updated 20.11.2003 ( The newest version is 1.0.1 and it contains 10 places.

The size of Virtual Niger is about 2.4 Mb - to download it with modem connection (56k) will take about 6 minutes.

You can either run Virtual Niger as an applet in your browser, or you can download it to your computer.

Start Virtual Niger in a new window
- you'll need Java Plug-In (get it here)

Download Virtual Niger to your own computer
- you'll need Java VM version 1.4 (you can download it here)
- download v360e-program: v360e.jar
- download the Virtual Niger: vniger-1.jar and vniger-2.jar
- put all the files to the same directory
- start Virtual Niger either by:
1) double-clicking vniger-1.jar, or
2) with command java -jar vniger-1.jar

Virtual Niger - version history

Version 1.0.1 (20.11.2003)
 - v360e 1.0.1
 - 10 places
 - first released version

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