Year in Sahara Letters from Niger by Tommi and Kaisu-Leena
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Kaisu-Leena Rajala

My name is Kaisu-Leena. I study at the University of Helsinki. My major is agroecology, and minor tropical siviculture. I also study development studies.

For this year I'll live in Niger (august 2003 - july 2004), and I'll do my master's thesis at ICRISAT. I got this internship thru Finnish foreign ministry: they fund IPALAC-progam, which in practice is implemented here at ICRISAT's research center in Niamey.

For more information about ICRISAT (International Crop Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics):

And for more information about IPALAC (International Program for Arid Land Crops):'

Tommi Rajala

My name is Tommi. At univertisy my major is computer science, though last spring I studied everything else but that.

While Kaisu was doing her practical training in South Africa 2001, I stayed in Finland and knew how to prepare almost three different kind of food. For this not to rehappen, I chose to join my wife in Niger.

If I don't find anything else to do, these pages will update quite often (but again, unfortenately, mostly in Finnish).

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