Year in Sahara Letters from Niger by Tommi and Kaisu-Leena
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A sunny day19.11.2003

Sun, the one that dries up all the rain, woke up one November morning and climbed up to the sky. Today there were no clouds between Sun and Niger, so Sun saw well how Tommi-boy woke up in Niger, a little later than Sun did.

- Should we go and do something outdoors today, asked Tommi-boy from Kaisu-girl. Kaisu-girl did not answer anything, since she was still asleep. Sun yawned, and decided to fast forward this story by two hours.

Still there were no clouds blocking Sun's view, and now she saw how Tommi-boy left out with Kaisu-girl. However, Tommi-boy did not have a hat in his head.

- Oh, what a fool that Tommi-boy is, thought Sun. Doesn't Tommi-boy have any respect for me, daring to walk in front of me with nothing covering his head. And to make things worse, his head is balding! I will teach Tommi-boy a lesson.

Sun started to huff and puff and aim all his energies towards Tommi-boy's head, but Tommi-boy couldn't have cared less. He was bouncing happily along the streets of Niamey humming as he went:

- Who's afraid of the big bad sun, big bad sun, big bad sun. Who's afraid of the big bad sun, tra la la la la...

- Did you remember to eat a proper breakfast? asked Kaisu-girl suddenly from Tommi-boy.

- Of course, answered Tommi-boy. I ate three Tuc crackers and drank a glass of water.

- Yes, a proper breakfast indeed, mumbled Kaisu-girl. I was thinking of going to a store and buing myself some yoghurt to eat. Would you like some as well?

- Bah, nonsense, snorted Tommi-boy. Youghurt is for babies. Real men fast. That's what people are doing in this country right now. Tommi-boy was referring to the Ramadan month the muslims were having at the time.

At the same time Sun was spraying her energy with such a force that a weaker person would start to feel weak already. But Tommi-boy thought that he's not weak, so Tommi-boy and Kaisu-girl still spent several hours wandering around in Niamey's markets.

- Kaisu-girl, you know, I am not feeling so good anymore, Tommi-boy said suddenly. I think it would be best if we went home now.

- Okey-dokey, answered Kaisu-girl and waved them a taxi. To Dragages, s'il-te-plait.

Back home Tommi-boy was suffering from headache and general sickness for the rest of the day.

- You should have worn a hat, said Kaisu-girl in an educational tone.

- Hats are for girls. Real men walk without hat even when it's freezing.

- But not when it's sunny.

- Well, okay... But I don't have a hat!

- Yes, you don't, since you haven't bought one, even though you wrote even to the net several months ago that you would by one "as soon as possible".

- Yes, but you said that I shouldn't buy a baseball cap, it's a hat for stupid people.

- Yes, it is. But they are selling all kinds of hats out there on the streets, like pill hats.

- Pil... Blargh... By the way, now I think I really have to get a pill, I don't think this sick feeling will leave me otherwise.

It was about evening already, and Sun had done her job for the day, and was sliding fast down below the horizon.

- I think Tommi-boy got some kind of a lesson today, thought Sun just before casting her last rays of light over Niger.


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previous letter (Tommi 23.10.2003: Our friend Mr. Chirac) 
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