Year in Sahara Letters from Niger by Tommi and Kaisu-Leena
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Tommi and Kaisu-Leena were living in Niger for a year in 2003-2004. In these pages they told whether it was possible to survive without snow; who got buried into the dunes; how to get malaria and where to run to, when you're caught in a pit with thousand spiders. Stories straight south of Sahara appeared in these pages at random intervals. Unfortunately for you, who are reading this in English, most of the letters will only be in Finnish. Few English translations are available, translated by Tommi's brother Kimmo. You can also enjoy the pictures section, because one picture's worth thousand words.


Few letters in English:
Tommi15.10.2003Story about lizards
Tommi23.10.2003Our friend Mr. Chirac
Tommi19.11.2003A sunny day
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